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30 April 2010 @ 10:09 pm
you're so brave (:  
I expected to see Jasan today but nope... I didn't see him D:
he came too late D:<

no testing today :D

we had to do ISNs. our group had me, Monica, Victor, and Juan. Nhan wanted to switch to be with asians LOL.

N: hey Juan, wanna switch places?
J: why? so you can be in the asian group? and I be in the Mexicans group?
N: YEAH! I need to be with my brother and sisters!

LMAO AHAHAHAH. That was freaking funny.

Runnig in PE.... ew. 1 MILE T^T.
then me, Kelly, and Audrey had extra time so we sat down and talked.

I hate Elvis. He messes with me everytime.

We played hangman in math. We were in second place >:3
then we got punished for being so loud. we had to do paper works .__.

My teacher showed us a real fish in science. IT STINKS. I sit in the FRONT too .___.
I saw Steven's progress report. He's pretty good o-o. he's in HONORS MATH. woah. and he got a B+. That's smart for a pimp lol.
Victor's a pervert.

We played another math game in LA class. hellur hard. I didn't figure ANY of them out. like when we had different shapes and we have to use it all to make a specific shape on the paper. ugh it's hard.

Walked to the parking lot and stand with Alex, Vincent, and Jade. Jade left so we went in the quad. Alex put tape on me and Kelly's arms LOL. Then he left and yeh. I'MA MAKE ANOTHER PRIVATE POST MMKAY. MEANING NO ONE WILL SEE IT.



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